Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Conan Movie Trailer

A full-length movie trailer of Conan the Barbarian is now available:

What do you think of this new trailer of Conan? Will you go watch the film when it comes out in theaters?


Anonymous said...

It doesn't look great.
It may be "R" rated but it doesn't look very gritty.
It looks far too polished and choreographed and the use of "slo mo"
looks less than promising.

As for Conan himself.....
"No man shall live in chains!"

Dear oh dear!
okay we don't expect Shakespeare from Conan.....but it seems clear already that the dialogue in this movie won't be it's strong point.

A wouldn't mind a remake of the Arnie classic.......but this looks too stylised and with too much slo mo effects and CGI.

I hope I'm wrong but I already smell a stinker!


Anonymous said...

Will wait for DVD probably...not the actual story of Conan as he was a barbarian who treated people as such...